Starry sky

Starry sky

Size: 41.5cm x 41.5cm (16.2' x 16.2')
Printed on Ilford Galerie Foreign Art Smooth Cotton Rag
Price: $80 (including GST and postage)

The Milky Way spiralled across a black sky.
Light fell like rain.
Stars dusted the dark with silver.

'Starlight takes lifetimes to reach us,' said the red fox.
The yellow duck looked towards the ground beneath his feet.
Delighted by starlit shadows.

'Stars are made of hydrogen and helium,' said the red fox.
'And held together by gravity.'
He curled his tail around himself, like a cat.

The yellow duck fluttered in the wintry air.
He thought a bit.
And then, he said,
'I'm made of boots and feathers.'