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Esther is a rainmaker. She keeps herself to herself.

Esther schedules Brisbane’s storms and showers from her Queenslander cottage. Each season, the rains she makes are just right.

Then Esther meets Oliver. She opens her heart, shares her home, and reveals secrets she should have held tight. 

Author’s note:

Some callings are solitary affairs – all contemplation, calculation and craftsmanship – and they lose their form in the face of noise and muddle. Writing is one of those callings. It plays the writer, making music on vessels shaped to its cause, dissipating like smoke in the face of distraction. 

The world is always knocking at the writer’s solitary space, begging to be let in. Open the door? For a time it’s all fun and games. And when the fun’s finished? The writer's all the poorer.

Some callings just aren’t compatible with company.

Where can I read it?

One Page: Brisbane (serialised).
One Page: Brisbane (collected fiction and poetry 2014). Find it here>