West End Story


West End Story

Inside The Reader bookshop in West End, Brisbane, stories whisper from the books lining its shelves. Outside, stories are graffitied everywhere. They are told and retold by buskers and dancers, drunks and moochers. They are told by the homeless, and those who soon will be. 

writer searching for her voice is oblivious. Then, one enchanted evening, West End’s lizard statue steps down from its pedestal under the giant leopard tree.

And everything changes.



Author’s note:

I once heard a world-famous author read from one of his young adult novels in a venue at Oxford, England. The section he read was very funny, but I’ve always remembered less about its content than I have about the – equally funny – way the author giggled through the piece, as he read. The audience chuckled at his words; it chortled at his joy.

At the time, it seemed I was witnessing the delight the author must have felt at his first sighting of his original idea. As a writer he had opened his eyes, looked, and simply transferred his delight to the page. I’m sure he’ll giggle each time he reads it.

Where can I read it?

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (Issue 57). Find it here>