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Linda Brucesmith is a writer and public relations consultant based in Brisbane, Australia.

Her work is forthcoming in projects by Tiny Owl Workshop (Brisbane). Other works have appeared in Going Down Swinging #37, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #65, Black Beacon Books' 2015 Lighthouses anthology, The Big Issue, Melbourne Books' Award Winning Australian Writing 2014, The Review of Australian Fiction, the Margaret River Press The Trouble With Flying 2014 short story collection, Ricochet magazine, Black Beacon Books' 2014 Subtropical Suspense anthology, Askance Publishing’s 2013 Homes anthology (Cambridge), and The Fiction Desk’s 2013 New Ghost Stories anthology (London), among others. She won the Fellowship of Australian Writers’ Mornington Peninsula Prize 2013, was shortlisted for the 2013 KSP Speculative Fiction Awards and the 2013 Aeon Awards (Ireland), and highly commended in the 2012 Fellowship of Australian Writers National Literary Awards.

Linda has worked as a magazine and newspaper journalist in Sydney, Melbourne, the Snowy Mountains and on the Gold Coast. Her public relations business has provided her with perspectives on tourism, hospitality, food, horticulture, medicine, mining, dance, academia, media and the internet.

Her stories celebrate her fondness for Brisbane. While many include cameo appearances by cats, she has not yet acquired one.