The Ampersand is an undertaking by Derek John and Julie Collins of djprojects - one of the facets to their multi-layered creative arts business based in Sorrento (the beautiful, historic village located west of Blairgowrie near the western tip of the Mornington Peninsula). The town's main street is lined with limestone buildings. There's an artists' trail. To the north, there's Port Phillip Bay and to the south, the temperamental waters of Bass Strait. Perhaps the location inspired The Ampersand's 'Short, sharp & sweet' tagline...

So I wrote a short, sharp piece with a sweet ending about my mis-adventures as a near-sighted equestrian. How being near-sighted contributed to various social disasters. And how laser eye surgery let me see the world clearly. I'm delighted the piece found a spot in both the print magazine and online.        

Author’s note:

Through childhood and into my teens, my woeful vision and eyes that refused contact lenses moulded my personality. In my own space I was meticulous. A perfectionist. In the world beyond that I was shy and insecure...


Where can I read it?

The Ampersand, short, sharp & sweet stories, djprojects. Find it here>