At a market stand constructed from Lego bricks, a rocketmaster presides over workers building Lego rockets against the clock. The workers compete for bricks in exotic colours, race for limited-edition pieces to fit their rockets’ unique mechanics.

When a boy with special qualifications joins the watching crowd, the rocketmaster calls on him to complete a half-made, all-black rocket – and the stand’s true purpose is revealed.

Author’s note:

At a Queensland Writers Centre critique group meeting in 2013, the male author convening the mostly female writers whose pieces addressed predominantly emotional and domestic issues, said, “I’m a man. I wish someone would give me a story about rocketships.”

I was piqued. So I started a new story. I set it at the Powerhouse farmers’ markets in Brisbane – because markets are a collection of exotica and likely magic – in the environs of the creatively graffitied Powerhouse – because the former electricity generator looks like a castle and, I supposed, might still contain smidgins of residual power rocketeers might use.

I had the rocketmaster and his cohorts focus their attention on Brisbane because, like them, I think this sub-tropical city deserves devotion. And I had both the rocketmaster and his rocketeers bothered by issues of time, loyalty and things-to-do because, in this day and age, we’re all bothered by exactly the same things.

Where can I read it?

 Available for publication.