The Crystal Rainforest


The Crystal Rainforest

A German general manager is appointed to a five-star resort in Australia’s tropical north. He has a reputation for raising hospitality standards, a sordid track record for driving his workers to drink. As he settles in and his management style takes its first casualties, the resort’s staff creates a headline event which will rewrite his professional reputation forever.

Author’s note:

Sometimes, justice sits endlessly on the far side of the mountain. Distant. Out of sight. We wait and wait for it to emerge. To arrive. After a time, we begin to wonder at the silence. Whether justice is there at all. Perhaps the glorious, shining thing we’ve been expecting has got up, and gone. Perhaps it was never there. Perhaps there’s no such thing. Waiting and waiting, we watch as the beast - which justice is supposed to banish - circles and snaps at us. When we bleed, our faith in anything ever being set to rights, wobbles. Perhaps justice will never come, never do its job. Waiting and waiting, we protect ourselves as best we can, for as long as we can. We talk to the circling beast, nicely. We reinvent it, tell ourselves it’s a good puppy, really, and that the problem must lie with us. We should be better dog people. Then, when we’re beyond exhausted, past hope, everything changes. There is a gleaming. Everything is swept clean. Just as we’d hoped. Sometimes, justice is shy. Sometimes, justice simply runs late.

Where can I read it?

 Available for publication.